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FS Fastighetsstrategi AB - Independent Real Estate Consultants

Real estate valuation and analysis
Fastighetsstrategi offers valuation of complete portfolios as well as single properties.The appraisals are always performed by certified valuers.

Facility management support
Fastighetsstrategi offers support and competence in real estate management in order to maximize net results in operation and management.

These services include investment analysis, cost analysis, tax related issues, management plans and abstracts for negotiations and litigation.
Market information and research
Fastighetsstrategi performs forecasts and analysis of different markets, industries, or areas, as a basis for investment decisions.

Due Diligence
Fastighetsstrategi verifies and insures quality control of financial, technical and juridical documents pertaining to real estate transactions.

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Real Advisor group • Sveavägen 166 plan 21, Box 7644, 103 94 Stockholm, Sweden • Phone: +46 8 545 297 30 • E-mail: info@ragroup.se
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